Meaty Marta. Märta Proppmätt.

Bio 2017  Svt 2018

Credits as writer and director.

Im creating Märtas world with Samir Arabzadeh. Producent; Annika Hellström Cininicfilm i samarbete med Slimsumo studios Peter Björklund. Next part of the project: Feature Meaty Marta and the battle against the underworld.

Märta på Buffilusk-tour in hospitals. Barnfilm på sjukhus. Fantastiskt initiativ i flera länder.


SVT 10 tim Drama Svt 2014-2015

Credits as creator.

Isdraken The Icedragon.

Credits as screenwriter

Link to Trailer;

Director: Marin Högdahl. Producer Peter Hiltunen Illusion Film.

Some of the Festivals Göteborg 27/1-6/2 youth-section Berlinale 9-19/2 Generation Kplus (in competition) Montreal children 3-12/3 (in competition) Buff 13-17/3 (in comp) Winner best film Kristiansand 24-28/4 (opening film) Newport Beach 26/4-3/5 Palic Serbia 14-20/7 Tel Aviv children 22-27/7 Winner best film youth jury + Winner best film adult jury Espoo Finland 17-26/8 Haugesund 17-23/8 Seoul youth 23-29/8 Nueva Mirada Buenos Aires 30/8-5/9 (in comp.)Lucas Frankfurt 2-9/9 Nordkapp 12-16/9 Buster Copenhagen 13-23/9 Festroia 21-30/9 Hamburg 27/9-6/10 Jerusalem/Ramallah 11-18/10 Cine Sparks Brisbane 15-20/10 Cinekid 17-26/10 wants to show Washington kids 17/10-13/11 Filem’on Brussels 28/10-4/11 Lübeck 31/10-4/11 Tallinn Black Nights 13-28/11+ Tallinn Just Film Kinodissea Rumänien 16-21/11 (in comp)Castellinaria 17-24/11 Olympia Athens 1-8/12

Berlinale With Icedragon. Director Martin Högdahl and editor Fredrik Morheden among others.

Den bästa utsikten THE BEST VIEW

Credits as writer and director.

Shortfilm (28 min) about a womans right to move around naked 2 hours a day, and how much joy an act like that can bring to a segregated area.

The Best view has been shown on Swedish television and won the award of honor at Gothenburg filmfestival. It was part of Svt "novellfilmsatsning".

Production: Annika Hellström Cinenic och Martin Persson Anagram

Karaokekungen/Almost Elvis

Credits as writer and director.

My regidebut was both hated and loved. I tried to combine Theater and Film, I tried to create a main character with no mission in life at all. I meet fantastic people that I have continued to work with, Andreas Wessberg, Marie Flykt, Hanna Elve among others. Here is a link to the movie somebody posted;

Production; Annika Hellström Cinenic och Martin Persson Anagram

Karaokekungen, ALMOST ELVIS, was selected for Exground Filmfest, Nov. 13-22-2009, Wiesbaden, Germany. Karaokekungen, ALMOST ELVIS, was selected for competition at Sao Paulo Filmfestival 25 oct – 5 nov 2009, Brasil. Karaokekungen, ALMOST ELVIS, was selected for competition at  Mexikos internationella filmfestival  Filmfestival maj 2011

CRIME- WALLANDER!overview/516035/Henning-Mankells-Wallander-Den-svaga-punkten Jag tror dessa länkar leder till sidor där filmer kan nedladdas men är inte säker.

Om Sara

Othman Karims film About Sara is about a young woman trying to find her way in life.


 My first tv-serie (together with director Richard Looft) was The Big Theater. A surreal tale about life on a theater. (4 hours for Svt)