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The latest Film I wrote for Screen. The Icedragon.

Link to Trailer;

Director: Marin Högdahl. Producer Peter Hiltunen Illusion Film.

Some of the Festivals Göteborg 27/1-6/2 youth-section Berlinale 9-19/2 Generation Kplus (in competition) Montreal children 3-12/3 (in competition) Buff 13-17/3 (in comp) Winner best film Kristiansand 24-28/4 (opening film) Newport Beach 26/4-3/5 Palic Serbia 14-20/7 Tel Aviv children 22-27/7 Winner best film youth jury + Winner best film adult jury Espoo Finland 17-26/8 Haugesund 17-23/8 Seoul youth 23-29/8 Nueva Mirada Buenos Aires 30/8-5/9 (in comp.)Lucas Frankfurt 2-9/9 Nordkapp 12-16/9 Buster Copenhagen 13-23/9 Festroia 21-30/9 Hamburg 27/9-6/10 Jerusalem/Ramallah 11-18/10 Cine Sparks Brisbane 15-20/10 Cinekid 17-26/10 wants to show Washington kids 17/10-13/11 Filem’on Brussels 28/10-4/11 Lübeck 31/10-4/11 Tallinn Black Nights 13-28/11+ Tallinn Just Film Kinodissea Rumänien 16-21/11 (in comp)Castellinaria 17-24/11 Olympia Athens 1-8/12


Shortfilm (28 min) about a womans right to move around naked 2 hours a day, and how much joy an act like that can bring to a segregated area. The Best view has been shown on Swedish television and won the award of honor at Gothenburg filmfestival. It was part of Svt "novellfilmsatsning".

Production; Annika Hellström Cinenic och Martin Persson Anagram


Karaokekungen/Almost Elvis

My regidebut was both hated and loved. I tried to combine Theater and Film, I tried to create a main character with no mission in life at all. I meet fantastic people that I have continued to work with, Andreas Wessberg, Marie Flykt, Hanna Elve among others. Here is a link to the movie somebody posted;

Production; Annika Hellström Cinenic och Martin Persson Anagram

Karaokekungen, ALMOST ELVIS, was selected for Exground Filmfest, Nov. 13-22-2009, Wiesbaden, Germany. Karaokekungen, ALMOST ELVIS, was selected for competition at Sao Paulo Filmfestival 25 oct – 5 nov 2009, Brasil. Karaokekungen, ALMOST ELVIS, was selected for competition at  Mexikos internationella filmfestival  Filmfestival maj 2011

MOTIVE- a film about artists and their motivation.

In the film Motive, me and my codirector Jack Revenue ask artists of all genres; What is your Motive? A biologist tries to define the diffrence between a monkey and a human artist.The film is made as a conversationspiece and can be boked by galleries, librarys, workshops and theaters during 2015.  Producer; Karl Katt.


Director Jonas Grimås. Production Yellow Bird

For a while I wrote crime. It was not really my cup of tea, its hard to find out good clues, but I meet great people, and my scripts turned out not only as films but also as radio in Germany. Crazyyyy!!!!overview/516035/Henning-Mankells-Wallander-Den-svaga-punkten Jag tror dessa länkar leder till sidor där filmer kan nedladdas men är inte säker.

Om Sara

Othman Karims film About Sara is about a young woman trying to find her way in life.


 My first tv-serie (together with director Richard Looft) was The Big Theater. A surreal tale about life on a big theater. (4 hours for Svt)

About me;

Petra Revenue is a dramatist, director and writer with a background in theater. Since 1990 she has been one of the artistic directors at Theater Trixter in her hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden. In her theatrical work, Revenue combines the absurd with everyday reflections and in doing so She has found her own genre. Her Theme and favorite subject is ambivalence.

Before becoming a writer, Revenue studied social anthropology and is interested in what ties people together across language and cultural borders.

Since her theatrical debut, Petra Revenue has written twenty-some plays, several of which have received critical acclaim. Her credits include: The Least You Can Ask For (bilingual, Farsi/Swedish), The Dancer’s Woman (multicultural ensemble), Valkyria (radio play that premiered on Swedish National Radio and was translated and recognized in Finland and Denmark).

In 2000 Revenue began to write for film and television with the TV drama The Big Theater for Swedish National Television (SVT). Since, she has written a wild mix; from screenplays for Henning Mankell’s Wallander to her own debut feature film Almost Elvis, where for the first time she combined her two genres film and theater.

In 2006 Revenue’s first book was released, a collection of short stories nominated the following year for Swedish National Radio’s Short Story Award, an award that she then won in 2009 with the short story “The Best View” (originally published in an anthology for the humanitarian fundraising drive, Children of the World).

Parallel with writing the script for The Ice Dragon, Revenue filmed The best View in the summer 2010. This Shortfilm (28 min) has been shown on Swdish television and won the award of honor at Gothenburg filmfestival.

Petras 2 latest filmed project is 2 artfilms called Physical Evidence. Shown this summer 2013 at Gothenburgs Artmuseum. The exhibition is called Love Explosion. And Motive- a serie of portraits of artists known to Petra.