Words are my usual way to communicate. But I also paint and take pictures.

I was Invited to participate at Konsthallen Gothenburg artmuseum jun 2013, in a groupexibition on the theme Love explosion. I did a piece about the death of my father. Installation. Film.

In the dreamwork The secret Ingredience- we made installations with our charachter Narkos livingroom. She dreamt it was floating around in the city. Coartists; Ger Olde Monnikhof, Karin Blixt and Diana Storåsen.

In a Botanic garden.

 My friend Karin Blixt.

 A smiling Giraffe

 Artist Lena Selander  in my movie Motive. (work-in-progress)

 Images from my dream diary

 Me and Lars 1995

 Angry fish in Thailand

 A dog from heaven meets a bull from earth

 Artist Olas eyes in the film Motive

 Dream in Augusti 2013

 Actor Kjell W in the movie Motive

 My selfportrait. The demon and the clown tries to be friends

  Artist Kapten Valen when Tobias touches her

 A woman thinks about the stars and a tree

 Lars behind threads


Kent being serious



Christer rests and thinks at the same time

My face

I see you

Skåne outside my window

The white door

Come on in (Sanatoriet Broby)

 The water were Arvid is born and dies

Entrence to the lost land